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At BR Architects & Engineers, our experienced land planning team works in harmony with engineering consultants (as well as local building and development officials) to arrive at a proposal for your project's development which is both economical and reflective of market-force realities. The most beautiful master plan — on paper — is worthless if it doesn't generate profits for the developer and ultimately lead to a project which is an asset to the community. Put simply; good planning doesn't cost — it pays. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Your Land Planning Professionals

Land Planning is both an art and a science. This service can exert tremendous impact not only on the project but also on the overall value of the immediate neighborhood, as well as the built environment for the greater regional area. Numerous issues are analyzed, addressing short and long-term concerns while integrating existing conditions and development goals. These efforts result in a master plan.

Examples of projects that utilize land planners include single or mixed-use developments. These may support a variety of establishments, including:

  • Single or Multi-Family Homes
  • Retail Shopping
  • Office Space
  • Educational Facilities
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Health Care Services

Physical Properties of the Site

Obviously, a properly prepared master plan should consider the physical properties of the site, including:

  • Topographic Contours
  • Storm Water and Drainage Controls
  • Available Utility Connections
  • Roadway Access and Traffic Impact

Environmental Issues

Regardless of the size of your land tract, even the smallest project will benefit from the conscious consideration of environmental issues, such as:

  • Current and Projected Uses of Adjacent Properties
  • Solar Orientation
  • Existing Trees and Other Plant Life


Attention must also be paid to questions involving zoning, as well as local government standards for infrastructure construction. Call today to learn more.

Selected Works

See below for examples of past work. For additional examples, contact us for a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ).

Summit Hill Development

Mixed-Use Concept and Development Plan (Including Retail, Office, Multi-Family, Green Belt, PAD Sites, & Swim Center).