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Experienced Structural Engineering Professionals

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Structural engineering is the science of ensuring a building can be sustained in its environment. It must be able to support the loads necessary and withstand the forces of human use and the natural world. Put simply; it is "what keeps buildings up."

However, we take a broader view, and consider not just whether a structure can withstand natural forces, but how it can function in harmony with these forces. We advocate for cutting-edge sustainable materials and "green" designs whenever possible.

A Wealth of Knowledge

Take advantage of our team's experience and expertise, acquired over more than two decades of service. At BR Architects & Engineers, we are proud to offer a wide variety of structural engineering services, including:

  • Structural Engineering Design and Project Management
  • Building Structural Reviews
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Building Condition Assessments to Optimize Performance, Including Envelope, Mechanical, and Electrical Systems Integration
  • Construction Administration
  • Shop Drawing Reviews/Development
  • NSSA (National Storm Shelter Association) Storm Shelter Peer Reviewer

Selected Works

See below for examples of past work. For additional examples, contact us for a statement of qualifications.

Church Steeple (Plano, TX)

Wind Storm Damage and Steeple Replacement (Both A&E Services with Construction Administration)